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Whether it's for a family lunch, dinner date, casual night-in with friends, a coffee/tea out or a glass of something, I hope Clean Plate is where you can find the experience that matches the food with your mood


The featured establishments are mainly in Hong Kong or London - cities I live in - but some notable mentions are given to discoveries made during my travels. You'll also be able to find some health-conscious recipes I've created and little food-related tidbits on this site.

I settled on the name 'Clean Plate' for two reasons: 1) because a clean plate is where every beautiful dining journey begins, and 2) because a plate cleaned of food signifies a satisfied diner, and brings great pleasure to the chef who sees an empty plate returned.

This site is for like-minded fools who love food and life as much as I do, and my loving friends who have provided endless *nagging ahem* encouragement.

EST. Aug 2021

Joanne T. Tsang

A sucker for good things in life, especially food, tea, fermented grapes, and dining. 

From Hong Kong and currently based in London, the vibrant food cultures of these cities have made dining an important part of my life.


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