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Whether it's for a family lunch, dinner date, casual night-in with friends, a coffee/tea out or a glass of something, I hope Clean Plate is where you can find the experience that matches the food with your mood


Here's a local guide to establishments in Hong Kong or London, and some notable mentions to discoveries made on my travels. You'll also be able to find some health-conscious recipes I've created and food-related tidbits on this site.

I settled on the name 'Clean Plate' for two reasons: 1) because a clean plate is where every beautiful dining journey begins, and 2) because a plate cleaned of food is synonymous with a satisfied diner, and a nod to the chef.

This site is for like-minded fools who love food and life as much as I do, and my loving friends who have provided endless *nagging ahem* encouragement.

EST. Aug 2021
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Joanne T. Tsang

A sucker for the beautiful things in life, specifically, good food, tea, fermented grapes, and dining. I hope to share a bit of that love and restaurant finds with you - my taste-buds. 


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