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The Mystical Dragonfly Bar that Promises a Tasteful Night Out

Updated: Apr 8

The cocktail bar with live music to go to for a tasteful and unique night with friends (or someone more than).

Dragonfly Tai Kwun Bar in Hong Kong

Walk through the heavy, parted curtains and into a dreamy world of cyan, teal, and turquoise coloured glass and lights we enter.

The blue hue and intimate atmosphere sets the mood for a chic night almost immediately.

The stunning structure of coloured glass behind the bar, blue in various hues, immediately draws you towards it the moment you enter. Now that's a proper calling from a bar.

It's a look and a mood.

Looking deceptively calm and somewhat plain from the outside, Dragonfly always brings plenty of surprises to first-comers.

Through the wooden half-glass door, you can peak into a dimly lit small corridor fitted with a couple high tables and chairs that seem quite cozy and intimate. Yet, the moment you are through those door, you'll be instantly drawn to the blue light that filters in from a brightly lit room to your right. You look, and jaws are bound to drop. It's a post-wardrobe Narnia moment.

Behind the parted curtains is a room that can only be described as magical. Inspired by Louis C. Tiffany's stained glass 'Dragonfly Lamp', the bar pays proper homage to Tiffany's work in classic Art Nouveau style. Cast iron high tables, high chairs topped by aqua velvet cushions, teal-coloured embroidered fabric wallpaper, and the stained glass lamps... The emerald room looks like it came straight out of a fairytale.

Muted lounge music makes the mood.

A bar is never complete without music, and the resident DJ (present from Thursday to Saturday) at Dragonfly delivers soft lounge music to add to the mood. As the fabric wallpaper and curtains mute the music ever so slightly, it creates the best sort of atmosphere for intimate conversations. In other words, if you're looking for a unique place for date night, Dragonfly is a great idea. The setting is bound to leave an impression and that always helps, especially if it's as tasteful as this one.

Dragonfly can double as a casual outdoor location for friends

What's brilliant about Dragonfly is that it's also a fun location for casual drinks with friends.

There is always plenty of excitement when one finds a live-music spot in Hong Kong, especially one that is outdoors and the band plays music from the 80s up to the early 2010s. It won't be long until you are lounging on their outdoor sofas and singing along to their live band. After a few more drinks in, you'll be dancing in the small space in front of the mini-stage. Sounds like a great night in making doesn't it?

The band is there every Thursday and Friday night so be sure to drag a friend along and check them out whilst they're there!

Recommendations: order a G&T, or a Gin & Bubble Tea

Since we're at a bar, how can I not talk about drinks!

If you're looking for a good drink to order that is fragrant and easy to drink, look no further than 'Lumino' - Dragonfly's take on a Gin & Tonic. Their G&Ts are magical like the rest of the venue, specifically, they disappear a little too quickly and easily...

Fruity and a little sweet with a hint of peach, yet fresh like summer from the lemon and basil, 'Lumino' is best for people who are not sure what to order from a bar and would like something simple yet classic to turn to. G&Ts have always been a personal go-to and the glass delivered by Dragonfly was definitely a nice surprise.

If you are looking for something different, an intriguing alternative choice of drinks would be 'Dragon's Pearl'. When Hong Kong's favourite afternoon drink - bubble tea - transforms into its nighttime self, you'll be able to find it sitting elegantly in a tall glass at Dragonfly. Regarding this concoction, I only have one thing to say: Boba fans of Hong Kong, unite!

Between these two opposites, there is a selection of attractive cocktails at Dragonfly. From their alcoholic twist on another Hong Kong classic - 'Don't Lame Char' (a play on words for 'lemon tea' in Cantonese) - to their simple 'White Negroni', the drinks are exciting adventures waiting to be discovered. Cheers to that.

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