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Budapest: 'Szimply' Mind-blowing Brunch Spot

Updated: Jun 22, 2023

A quaint, café-like spot tucked away in the centre of bustling Budapest. It will serve you a breakfast like no other. 'Szimply' too good to miss out on.

With a menu that changes seasonally, and beautiful plates of breakfast that have evidently been crafted wholeheartedly, lovingly and with precision, Szimply is undoubtedly a place you would want to go back to time and again.

Down the rabbit hole we go

'Appearances can be deceiving.' This chic café-like breakfast spot is the epitome of it.

When we stumbled clumsily into the cobbled street and this petite café-like spot came into view at the end of the narrow street, little did we know about the adventure that our senses were about to experience. An adventure that has left an ineffaceable imprint on my mind, and one that my senses long to relive.

If I were to go to Budapest again, Szimply would be a large reason why.

Edible art

The phrase which has now become this subtitle was the very phrase that came to mind when those beautiful grey ceramic plates were placed afore me, holding within them the most delicate yet bold creations that excited all my senses. My mouth was open before I knew it, for all reasons.

What was written simply as avocado on toast or buttermilk pancakes came before me as pieces of art that went far beyond their description on paper. Yes, 'art'. It was the first time I ever called food as such, and this is coming from someone who already loved food as a form of expression.

The shock of colours, textures and depth drew my complete attention to the plates, as the subtle smells promised an even more exhilarating adventure beyond that of the visual. I felt as though I was already consuming without having touched the plate just yet.

The sheer elegance of the plating left one reluctant to even touch the plate with one's fork and knife - now unwieldily tools of utter destruction of the delicate art beside it.

Unending stimulations

"How did you know? That's exactly what we were aiming for: slow eating."

Never have I been so careful and hesitant when approaching a plate. I usually, and quite simply, attack it. At Szimply, I didn't know where to begin. Aside from the beauty of the food, the number of elements involved made my still befuddled mind reel. Despite the overwhelming sensory experience, it was nonetheless a stimulating and exciting one that made me even more curious about what this quaint little spot had in store.

As I'm writing this post 3 years after visiting Szimply, I struggle to find the exact flavours that I tasted then. What I remembered vividly and want to share was the sheer explosion of flavour and textures that I tasted. The complexity of the spices of my savoury order, the various layers of textures - creamy, silky, thick and smooth - made me savour every bite slowly, very very slowly. The bitterness of the charred brussels sprouts, the sweetness of the soft cheese, and the fragrance of the Moroccan spices... That meal was probably the slowest I have ever eaten because the plate before me was one that naturally demanded such action, along with full respect and attention.

Whilst discussing fervently about everyone's order on the table, a server who overheard our comment on slow eating quipped in and said, "That's exactly what we were aiming for. Slow eating". The chef wanted diners to savour eat bite slowly and carefully, to think about what's on the palate and eventually reach out for more in hopes of figuring out the silent actions that occurred on the plate.

Hats off to the chef because three years down the line and I'm still thinking.

Two words: Go visit.

In the midst of my fawning over beautiful plates and wonderful food, I forgot to mention that my plate of art only costed me around €6. I can't say for sure prices have stayed the same now that time has passed, but I've got no doubt it will be worth it. Scrap the museum tour, more beer at the Ruins Bars or saving up for a dip in the thermal baths, clear your seasonal schedule and visit Szimply - it will blow your mind.

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