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Moro: The Memorable Moroccan-Spanish Affair

Updated: Apr 8

A place of discreet sophistication in its service, food and demeanour, Moro delivers the flavours of Morocco and Spain at their finest quality.

Moro in November 2023

A clean bar on the left stretching all the way to the end of the room and small wooden tables dominating the right of the dining floor, the restaurant is filled with the colours of wood, white and emerald. The restaurant screams intimacy and subtle elegance with the heavy felt curtains concealing the entrance and the muffled conversations that ebb around the dining floor. Moro carries an air of modern sophistication - one could never have guessed that it has been around since 1997.

Located in the trendy Exmouth Market in Clerkenwell which brims with publishing, interior design and architecture houses, the elegance of Moro is very fitting.

The food

Mirroring the atmosphere, the food at Moro carries sophisticated weightlessness. The menu changes every three weeks and serves seasonal ingredients, which makes Moro always a delight to visit. Regardless of the season, every dish projects a sense of carefully crafted excitement. With a about a handful of options per course, the menu is succinctly a one-pager.

The 'Prawn salad with green almonds, sweet herbs and Marinda tomatoes' is a great, light way to start the meal with a nice pop of freshness from the herbs and tomatoes, balanced by the silky dressing and crunchy almonds. Mop up the dressing with the toasted sourdough and your evening is off to a good start.

In terms of mains, there is always a selection of meat & fish, and a vegetarian option. Both times at Moro, I've had their fish. The first was a beautiful pan-fried fillet of fish with crispy skin and smooth flesh that simply breaks with the touch of your fork. Most recently, I had their 'Charcoal grilled seabass with wood roasted cauliflower, lentils, migas, fresh chilli and sumac'. Whilst grilled, the seabass is a soft meaty pillow of flaky flesh. The mellow flavour of the fish is spiced by the accompanying smoky cauliflower and spiced lentils. The dishes at Moro always evoke a sense of balance - of flavours and textures, which make them a pleasure to discover and taste.

Needless to say, their wine list is also carefully constructed. My go-to is to ask the server for recommendations; you are guaranteed to come across new wines from various regions and food pairings this way. Though, to my understanding the whites are Moro are all on the dryer side to complement their light starters and fish mains. No surprise there.

To end the meal, the desserts at Moro are comprised of cakes, tarts, ice-creams and cheeses. Classically simply but still providing variety, Moro is comprehensively a succinct and precise establishment.

The occasion

Moro gives diners a sense of hushed relaxation. It is the perfect place to dine with someone who you'd want to share intimate conversations or moments with. It's a space that creates the occasion. Bookable through their website, Moro remains to be the subtle centrepiece of Exmouth Market.

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